Valentine’s Day Offers Romance to Residents of Claremont Towers

Nearby venues offer a cornucopia of ways to celebrate the holiday of love

February may be a cold month as winter winds down, but it does offer the warmth of passion and love with the coming of Valentine’s Day. This romantic holiday first began in the 14th century but gained prominence with couples in the 18th century. Today, Valentine’s Day is an extremely popular holiday, with Americans spending $19.6 billion on it in 2018. Of that amount, a full $4.7 billion was spent on jewelry. (1) There is a myriad of ways that individuals can celebrate Valentine’s Day, and fortunately for those living at Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, there are plenty of nearby venues eager to help them spark the flames of romance.

A good number of the 39,832 inhabitants of Hillsborough, New Jersey, look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day. (2) Such a holiday is the perfect time for one to declare their undying love to another or for couples to deepen their bonds of love. One “sweet” event that occurs the day after Valentine’s Day is the Sugar Maple Celebration. This event at Duke Farms lasts from 10am to 3pm and features plenty of New Jersey maple syrup, along with the history of maple sugaring, tree identification, and learning about the entire process on how maple syrup is made. (3)

Residents of Claremont Towers who are single and are looking to make a love connection can try their luck at the Cupid Party at Hamilton Tap & Grill. This event takes place on February 8 and lasts from 6pm to 8pm. (4) The Cupid Party is a fun event that features sweet treats for everybody, raffle prizes, complimentary appetizers, and fun ice breaker games to get singles interacting.

Every man knows to get his special lady some beautiful flowers on Valentine’s Day. Just a short distance from the luxurious Claremont Towers is The Flower Barn of Hillsborough. This flower shop features some truly beautiful flower arrangements that should bring joy to one’s significant other. Those who wish to stay traditional can pick up the Classic Dozen Roses arrangement that comes in a classic urn vase with leather leaf, myrtle, and misty blue Limonium as foliage for the roses. Those looking to do something a little different can pick up the Modern Rose Bouquet arrangement. This flower arrangement costs between $135 to $155 and features a dozen orange roses in a tall glass vase with river rocks at the bottom. (5) Foliage for the bouquet includes myrtle, aspidistra, and spiral eucalyptus. Scott’s Florist is another popular flower shop and perfect for picking up a bouquet for Valentine’s Day. They feature a number of rose bouquets, as well as more exotic fare like the Purple Blooms of Bliss. This flower arrangement boasts lavender roses, purple stock, purple spider mums, purple mini carnations, and purple lisianthus in a cube vase.

Another popular gift on Valentine’s Day is chocolate. Those living at Claremont Towers are fortunate that there a few high-quality chocolate shops located nearby. One such shop is Heavenly Sweets, which features a wide range of chocolate products, such as truffles, pretzels, pecan crabs, almond butter crunch, and orange peels. They also have chocolate-covered fruit and even sugar-free chocolate items. Robinson’s Chocolates in nearby Skillman features plenty of traditional chocolate fare, such as cordials and fudge, but they also boast quite a few items just for Valentine’s Day. Some of their special holiday chocolate specialties include a rose pop, a heart key, a heart eyes emoji pop, a cupid oval, and an “especially for you” plaque. For those looking to cook up something sweet on their own, they can pick up all the necessary supplies and ingredients at Candyland Crafts. This specialty shop has everything one needs, such as molds, baking pans, edible additives, fondant, icing, piping bags, and flavorings and extracts. Candyland Crafts even has classes to teach people how to make the perfect treats.

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers says, “I’ve been a fan of Valentine’s Day ever since I was little. I loved getting those little cards and eating those candy hearts with the messages written on them. You can tell the holiday is at hand when you start seeing a lot of our residents bringing in bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolate. We’re lucky to have a number of really good flower and candy shops nearby, such as Scott’s Florist and Robinson’s Chocolates. Hillsborough is home to some really fine restaurants that are perfect for a romantic meal, such as Cafe Greziella and The Landing. For those residents of Claremont Towers that are single and are looking for that someone special, a number of venues, such as Hamilton Tap & Grill, are hosting events where singles can mingle and hopefully form a connection. All in all, our local community has all of our Valentine’s Day needs covered.” (6)

6) Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers