Summer Offers Seasonal Cooking Opportunities for Residents of Claremont Towers

There are lots of quick and easy recipes that are perfect for summer

Summer is usually the favorite season of the year for most people. The rainy days of spring are left behind as summer brings warm temperatures perfect for lounging by the pool or relaxing on the beach. Residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, with children are all too aware of how their children eagerly look forward to the carefree days of summer as school ends on June 20th. (1) Summer is also a great time for eating as people love to fire up their outdoor grills and enjoy the weather while cooking a tasty meal. Summer fare should be simple and not require a ton of exertion, so it’s quite fortunate that there are plenty of quick and easy recipes that are just right for the season.

The 40,005 individuals who make up the population of Hillsborough, New Jersey, look forward to summer as the winter clothes are completely packed away and out of sight. (2) Residents of the luxurious Claremont Towers can enjoy a tremendous amount of outdoor activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, swimming, baseball, and softball, under the summer sun. As such, food during summer tends to be of a lighter nature than that found during winter where one seeks to shake off the cold with a hearty, body-warming stew.

Few people want to slave over a hot stove as the outside temperature reaches scorching levels. One quick recipe that’s perfect for hot days is a taco salad. Just throw some lettuce, beans, peppers, tomatoes, and chicken together and add some sauce. A taco salad is a great way to utilize some of those leftovers sitting in one’s refrigerator.

Another great summer recipe for residents of Claremont Towers to try is a stir fry. While using a wok requires high heat, the cooking time is very minimal. One can pick up pre-mixed bags of stir fry vegetables from the local supermarket or cut up some fresh veggies instead. Noodles make a great addition to any stir fry as does some fine cuts of pork, chicken, or beef. Sauces can be whipped up in a few minutes or one can opt for a store-bought sauce if time is really of the essence.

Chicken tacos are perfect for summer eating. Adults and children alike adore eating tacos, and this recipe just requires strips of seasoned chicken to be cooked over high heat for six minutes. Then layer them in a tortilla or taco shell with desired toppings, such as shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, lime wedges, sliced red onions, and sour cream. (3) Naturally, one can substitute beef, pork, or fish for the chicken if so desired.

The many parks in and around Hillsborough are a popular destination for those living at Claremont Towers during the summer months. Three of the parks offer picnic facilities: Docherty Memorial Park, Ann Van Middlesworth Park, and Flagtown Park. (4) Few foods scream summer fun like hot dogs and hamburgers. Plus, cooking such food is extremely simple as it just requires a few minutes of grilling before slapping the meat into a bun. Then there’s the added bonus of not needing utensils to eat them.

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers says, “Summer is my favorite part of the year as the season has a natural, relaxed pace. Plus, there are so many fun outdoor activities to do, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, and riding while not having to worry about being cold or getting a ton of rain. Food is an integral part of summer, but I prefer easy recipes as who wants to waste time while sweating over a hot stove? My family loves chicken tacos, and you can use the same ingredients the next night for a taco salad. Grilling some hamburgers and hot dogs is practically your patriotic duty on the Fourth of July. Another great meal that is easy to prepare is good old-fashioned sloppy joes. However, perfect summer food requires no real preparation or cooking – watermelon. I see residents of Claremont Towers bringing in watermelons almost every day, and my family enjoys them on a hot summer day after letting them sit in a cooler with ice for a little while. There are few things as satisfying as sitting at a picnic table and devouring some cool watermelon on a hot summer day.” (5)






5) Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers