Residents of Claremont Towers Set to Enjoy the Fourth of July

Few holidays are enjoyed more than the Fourth of July. Americans of all political stripes gather to celebrate the independence of the United States. Many towns put on a parade, usually filled with firemen, policemen, and military veterans, to show their national pride. Mountains of hot dogs and hamburgers are consumed, and the day is capped with a glorious fireworks display. Residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, don’t have far to look to enjoy the holiday festivities as many Fourth of July events can be found close by.

The 39,702 individuals who live in Hillsborough, New Jersey, look forward to the Fourth of July every year. (1) The township has historic ties to the American Revolution that gave birth to the USA. After winning a minor victory at the Battle of Princeton in 1777, George Washington was marching his troops to winter quarters in Morristown. British forces, who outnumbered the colonials, gathered in the valley beneath Sourland Mountain in preparation of an attack. Washington had his troops, camped upon Sourland Mountain, drill in various formations while using corn stalks in place of muskets. When the sun shone upon the corn stalks, the British thought Washington had been reinforced with more troops and supplies. Believing themselves to be outnumbered, the British forces left the field, allowing Washington and his troops to reach Morristown safely. (2)

Those living at Claremont Towers can enjoy the Hillsborough Independence Day Fireworks Celebration that will be held on June 29th. (3) This event features plenty of delicious food, a free dunk tank, boardwalk games, free inflatable amusements from 5pm to 8pm, and a spectacular fireworks show. This Fourth of July event is paired with the Hillsborough Music Fest, which means that there will be a full lineup of live musical acts throughout the day for everyone to enjoy.

Residents of Claremont Towers can also enjoy Fourth of July events held in nearby towns and cities. Bridgewater is holding a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 3rd that’s being held by the flagpole of the Immaculate Conception Church at roughly 8:45am. (4) The reading will be accompanied by patriotic songs, prayers, and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Bridgewater will have their fireworks extravaganza at 9:30pm on July 4th. In nearby Morven, interested individuals can tour the home of Richard Stockton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, from 12pm through 3pm. (5) This event features live bluegrass music, tasty food, garden tours, and the ability for children to sign the Declaration of Independence just like Richard Stockton.

Woodbridge and New Brunswick both feature Fourth of July celebrations that those living at Claremont Towers can enjoy. Both locations will have fireworks on July 3rd, with Woodbridge having them at around 9pm at Alvin Williams Park and New Brunswick having their fireworks at 9:15pm at Boyd Park. On July 4th, there will be an Independence Day celebration at Buccleuch Park that features picnicking, tours of the Buccleuch Mansion, a historical geocaching activity, patriotic music, a reenactment of George Washington saluting the American Army with cannon fire, and a live reading of the Declaration of Independence. (6)

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers notes, “The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, and I love that so much Revolutionary War history can be found throughout the area. One of the benefits that those living at Claremont Towers enjoy is that one can easily see multiple fireworks displays celebrating our Independence Day. Hillsborough is holding their fireworks on June 29th, but people can then catch more fireworks on July 3rd at New Brunswick and Woodbridge. Maplewood is having their fireworks on July 4th, along with a 5K run, a car show, live music, and a huge bingo hall. Personally, I enjoy going to one of the dramatic readings of the Declaration of Independence as it reminds us all of the tremendous struggles our forefathers endured to make our country free.” (7)








7) Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers