Residents of Claremont Towers Prep for Spring Cleaning

The end of winter and the arrival of spring marks several events. One such event is the arrival of opening day for baseball as teams dream of winning the World Series. Another hallmark of the first blush of spring is one that many people, especially children, dread – spring cleaning. It takes a lot of elbow grease to get one’s home cleaned from top to bottom, so residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, are prepping for this annual exercise.

The ritual of spring cleaning has been a part of human history for centuries. March was the preferred month for spring cleaning for those living in North America and Europe as the month was perfect for dusting. The temperature in March was warm enough to open doors and windows, allowing the dust to be blown out but still cool enough that insects flying into the home was not an issue. March in Hillsborough, New Jersey, has an average high of 50º, a marked improvement over the average highs of 41º in February and 38º in January. (1) As such, March marks the perfect time for the 39,397 inhabitants of Hillsborough, New Jersey, to spring clean their homes. (2)

There are some handy tips for spring cleaning that those living at Claremont Towers can follow to minimize any associated stress. One tip is to make a thorough checklist before starting the spring cleaning process itself. This list should include all the necessary items needed, such as gloves, buckets, dusting cloths, soap, and so on. As each item on the list is completed, it can be checked off. The psychological benefit of such a list is that a person can see that they are making progress and that the process is getting closer to completion. After making a checklist, all clutter should be packed away to make cleaning easier.

Another decision to be made is how thorough of a spring cleaning one wishes to do. A survey found that 74% of people do a “light cleaning” of their home. This form of spring cleaning is a general surface-level cleaning of the home. 26% of people do a “deep cleaning,” which is an extremely thorough cleaning that includes cleaning furniture, walls, windows, and floors. (3) Residents of Claremont Towers should remember to clean their private 72-square-foot balcony in addition to their interior rooms. (4)

One handy tip for spring cleaning is to clean from the top down. This means a person living at Claremont Towers should start cleaning from the ceiling. Using a vacuum’s extension hose or Swifter duster, a person should tackle the dust and any cobwebs found on ceiling fans and the ceiling itself. Starting at the top saves time and energy as the dust will fall down to the walls and floor. If one had already cleaned the floor, they would have to re-clean it as it becomes dirty again.

All the linens from the beds, as well as any furniture, should be stripped and washed. Walls and blinds can be wiped with damp towels. An environmentally-sound suggestion for cleaning windows is to use a steam cleaner and a squeegee. Bathrooms and kitchens should be cleaned as well, and all cabinets should be wiped down on the inside and outside. Spring cleaning is the perfect time for those living at Claremont Towers to go through their pantry and refrigerator and throw out any old food items. The interior of the refrigerator should be wiped down as well. A steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning stainless steel appliances.

Of course, residents of Claremont Towers do have an easier option when it comes to spring cleaning. There are plenty of companies and individuals willing to clean one’s home for pay. Some of the local companies that offer quality cleaning services include Marsha’s Cleaning Services, Top of the Line 1 LLC, and Total House Cleaning. (5) Sites like feature a slew of individuals willing to clean one’s home. (6). Another option is to check the local paper for cleaning services.

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers says, “I personally dread having to do spring cleaning. Still, it’s something that needs to be done, and it does freshen up the home after the long winter. I always make it a family affair as more hands cut down on the time needed, and I can usually rope in a few friends by promising them a lot of pizza and drinks afterward. Plus, cleaning up the balcony gives the perfect excuse to fire up the grill. It’s always surprising to see how much dust and grime accumulate over the seasons, and I do breathe easier once all the dust is whisked away. You can always tell spring is here when you see the laundry facilities being hammered as our residents wash all their linens and drapes. I know that a number of residents take advantage of local cleaning services to get their spring cleaning done, and I don’t blame them at all.” (7)








7) Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers