Residents of Claremont Towers Looking Forward to Nearby Fourth of July Celebrations


One of the main highlights of the year for any American is the Fourth of July holiday where the entire nation celebrates its founding. The Fourth of July commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which severed ties between the American colonies and Great Britain. While the actual date of the Second Continental Congress approving independence was on July 2nd, America celebrates its anniversary on July 4th as that is when the final version of the Declaration of Independence was approved, signed, and sent to the printer for publication. (1) Practically every city and town in the United States celebrates the Fourth of July, and Hillsborough Township in New Jersey is no different. Residents of the luxurious Claremont Towers apartment complex in Hillsborough look forward to the multitude of Fourth of July events that can be found close by.

Hillsborough received its official charter on May 29th, 1771, to become Hillsborough Township. (2) The township became part of American history during the Revolutionary War when General Washington was moving his army to Morristown after the Battle of Princeton, where the Continental Army defeated British forces on January 3rd, 1777. (3) During the move, Washington had his men encamped on Sourland Mountain while British forces waited in the valley below for an opportunity to attack. Washington had his men drill in various formations while holding corn stalks in place of guns. The sunlight caught the corn stalks, and the British thought that Washington had been supplied with armed reinforcements. Believing that they were now outnumbered, the British retreated to New Brunswick, allowing the Continental Army to continue their march to Morristown. The town’s populace, including those living at Claremont Towers, are extremely proud of their local connection to an important moment during the Revolutionary War.

As is to be expected in a state that saw its fair share of Revolutionary War battles, there are a plethora of celebrations for the Fourth of July for locals and visitors to enjoy. Residents of Claremont Towers are eagerly looking forward to the local Independence Day Celebration event that will be held on Saturday, July 1st. (4) This event is being held at the Auten Road Intermediate School and begins at 5pm. Those attending can enjoy playing inflatable games from 5pm to 8pm. Hungry individuals can feast at the food tent from between 5pm and 9pm, and there will be a DJ and music playing during this time as well. The highlight of any Fourth of July celebration is an amazing display of fireworks, and Hillsborough is starting their fireworks show at approximately 9pm. The township will be providing a complimentary shuttle service to the event from Hillsborough High School.

There are also other Fourth of July celebrations that can be found within a short commute from the Claremont Towers apartment complex. One such celebration is the Independence Day Family Festival in Bridgewater, New Jersey. This event takes place in North Branch Park on July 4th and features fireworks starting at 9:30pm. Gates will open at 6pm to allow vehicles to enter the park. Food will be available for purchase, but an intriguing feature of this event is that there will be a Revolutionary War encampment by the “Jersey Blues” Third New Jersey Regiment. (5) Families can visit the encampment to  see what life was like during the 1770s. For those looking to get into the Fourth of July mood early, they can go to the Freedom Festival in West Windsor. This event is being held on June 24th at the Mercer County Park Festival Grounds and lasts from 3pm to 11pm. (6) The Freedom Festival features carnival rides, live music, a car show, fireworks, and contests. There’s a wiener dog race to put a smile on one’s face. For some gastronomic competition, there are separate eating contests for hot dogs, pizza, wings, and pie. This event kicks off with the West Point US Army Jump Team parachuting into the festival and wraps up with fireworks at 9:50pm.

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers says, “Everybody living at Claremont Towers looks forward to the many different Fourth of July celebrations that take place in and around Hillsborough. Our local township has its festivities on July 1st, but other communities are having events in and around July 4th. This means that our residents can catch quite a few fireworks displays, eat a ton of delicious food, and have lots of fun. I’m personally looking forward to seeing the jump team from West Point parachute into the Freedom Festival in West Windsor. Another close Fourth of July event is being held in Skillman, New Jersey, on June 29th. People can listen to live music and have their children enjoy lots of games and activities. The Star Spangled Banner will be sung at dusk, which will then lead into a spectacular fireworks display. On July 2nd, people can enjoy fireworks and live music at Freehold Raceway, the country’s oldest and fastest daytime half mile harness racing track. Overall, there’s going to be an amazing amount of fireworks and fun going on in and around Hillsborough this year.” (7)

As one can see, residents of Claremont Towers have a wide array of events to choose from for their Fourth of July celebration. The township is having their own event on July 1st, but there are a good number of festivities occurring on different days. As for July 4th itself, the sky above New Jersey is sure to be lit with massive displays of fireworks from many different communities. The best part is that the fun of celebrating the Fourth of July is not confined to a single night as there are so many events spaced out across several days. The hard part if figuring out which celebrations to attend.