Residents of Claremont Towers Looking Forward to Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of 2020 offers a fresh start to those living at the luxury apartment complex

The start of a new year is always filled with the promise of new beginnings. The holiday rush of the preceding year is finally over, which is usually filled with a lot of indulgences that include hearty feasts, calorie-filled cookies and eggnog, and overindulgence of spirits to ring in the new year. One hallmark of a new year is the making of resolutions, and those living at Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, are no exception as many of them plan on changing some aspects of their lives for the better over the course of 2020.

Many of the 39,832 people that call Hillsborough, New Jersey, home make New Year’s resolutions that they intend to keep. (1) There are quite a few ways that individuals look to turn over a new leaf, such as getting healthier, improving personal relationships, picking up a new hobby, traveling more, or finally embarking on a personal passion project. However, the reality is that most people do not stick with their resolutions. It is estimated that 60 percent of people make resolutions for the new year but only 8 percent actually follow through. (2)

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions that people make is to get in shape. Fortunately for residents of Claremont Towers, there are a plethora of options for doing so in close proximity to the apartment complex. First and foremost, Claremont Towers offers a state-of-the-art fitness center. Residents can shed those holiday pounds by using the center’s treadmills, free weights, TRX training equipment, elliptical and spin cycles, and yoga mats. The township also features a slew of parks where one can engage in healthy physical activity. Ann Van Middlesworth Park features two softball fields, one mile of unpaved trails, and two basketball courts. Woodfield Park boasts a paved walking trail, two tennis courts, two softball fields, and two soccer fields.

There are plenty of sports activities organized by the township for those living at Claremont Towers to partake of. There is a men’s open basketball program that plays on Wednesdays, and there is a separate basketball program for men over 40 that plays on Mondays. Tuesdays and Fridays feature co-ed volleyball play. Low-impact, low-intensity aquatic exercises take place at the Hillsborough YMCA on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (3)

Getting healthy might also mean kicking an addiction. For those who wish to get sober for the new year, there are a lot of AA meetings within a few miles of Claremont Towers. St. Joseph’s Church is one local spot that holds regular AA meetings, while Neshanic Reformed Church is another location that lies close by. (4)

Another popular New Year’s resolution is to eat more healthy. Residents of Claremont Towers have the luxury of a number of organic food restaurants that are nearby. Located within Whole Foods, Juice Press offers organic juices and smoothies, in addition to bowls, salads, and even ice cream. Cava offers salads, pitas, grain bowls, and house-made juices. Customers can really customize their meals by choosing different dips and spreads, sources of protein like braised lamb or grilled chicken, healthy dressings, and a slew of toppings like crumbled feta, pickled onions, fresno peppers, and kalamata olives. (5) For those looking for farm-fresh organic food, Morganics Family Farm offers organic oats and dry beans, and their products can be found in local stores, farmers markets, and at the farm itself.

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers says, “Like most people, I make New Year’s resolutions and try my best to stick with them. I can proudly say that my resolution last year to begin exercising regularly has been a success. The convenience of using the fitness center at Claremont Towers cannot be understated. For a change of pace, I do like to attend OTF classes at Orangetheory Fitness. I feel very comfortable working out there as the facility is owned and operated by women. Hillsborough also has an abundance of parks where people can hike, play basketball, ice skate, and play baseball. Parents can burn off some calories by chasing their children at the various playgrounds located throughout the community. Those with addiction problems can combat their issue, be it narcotics or alcohol, by attending meetings at a large number of nearby locations. It’s never too late to get sober, and exercise and eating healthy can help. Speaking of eating healthy, there are a number of organic shops that offer tasty and nutritious food that one can enjoy without worrying about what’s going in their body. All in all, I know quite a few residents of Claremont Towers are planning on turning over a new leaf as the new year kicks into gear, and I look forward to working out with new fitness friends at our apartment’s fitness center.” (6)

6) Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers