The Beauty of Nature Abounds Near Claremont Towers

whynotSHAW 01Residents can find many nearby places to enjoy the outdoors

It's quite common for the individual to look upon the beauty of nature with awe. There's just something so soothing and soul-refreshing about leaving the trappings of civilization behind to hike through a forest, watch the fish jumping in a burbling stream, or see the sun set from atop a mountain. Residents of Hillsborough, New Jersey, especially those in Claremont Towers, have a lot of reasons why they love living there. Money magazine listed Hillsborough as the 16th best place to live in the United States in 2013. (1) One such reason is likely due to the abundance of natural beauty that can be found in and around the township. Fortunately for the residents of Claremont Towers, natural beauty abounds within a short commute from the luxury apartment complex.

One particular area of natural beauty that residents of Claremont Towers love to visit is Sourland Mountain. This mountain ridge runs for 17 miles and has the largest contiguous forest found in New Jersey, coming in at nearly 90 square miles. (2) One of the interesting facets of Sourland Mountain is that it encompasses a complex ecosystem of wetlands, forest, and grasslands. There are many trails that people can hike to drink in the natural beauty of this region, and there are plenty of areas that allow for fishing, horseback riding, hunting, cross-country skiing, and bird watching. Sourland Mountain is an important breeding area for migratory songbirds. People can also soak up some history as well as the beauty of the outdoors. George Washington used Sourland Mountain as a refuge, as did escaping slaves at a later time. Famous luminaries, such as Eugene O'Neill, George Bernard Shaw, and Charles Lindbergh, had homes there.

One of the biggest destinations for those looking to enjoy nature is Duke Farms. Quite a few residents of Claremont Towers regularly visit this entity that is devoted to the ongoing exploration of preservation and sustainability efforts as well as celebrating native species. Duke Farms boasts 700 acres of land that is used to inspire individuals to become informed stewards of the land. Many local students visit Duke Farms to learn about nature and the local ecology. All told, Duke Farms sits upon 2,740 acres with over 1,000 acres open to the public. (3) There are also 18 miles of trails for visitors to explore at Duke Farms, and a good number of those trails are wheelchair-accessible. Duke Farms is a popular destination for photography buffs, and one area of particular interest is the bald eagle nest. One of the popular attractions at this locale is the Tropical Orchid Garden, which is filled with a wide array of orchid species.

The township of Hillsborough, New Jersey, operates more than a dozen parks where locals and visitors can enjoy quite a few outdoor activities. (4) A number of residents of the luxurious Claremont Towers apartment complex take part in the annual Run Around the Park event, featuring a 3-mile course that encompasses both running on trails and going through fields. One of the popular parks is Otto's Farm Park, a 140-acre park that's named after a farmer from the 1970s whose cows would regularly escape and require police assistance to round up. (5) This park is a favorite of horse riders and bird watchers. There are also grass trails that have been developed, with one featuring a stepping stone crossing over a seasonal stream. The Ann Van Middlesworth Park features a fishing pond, picnic area, baseball/softball fields, and a mile of unpaved trails for visitors to enjoy. Woodland Park has 2 soccer fields, 2 softball fields, and a paved walking trail. Docherty Memorial Park features 3 baseball/softball fields, a roller hockey rink, 3 soccer fields, a picnic area, and a playground where parents can relax and enjoy the bliss of nature while their children run off their pent-up energy.

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers notes, "One of the best features of living in Hillsborough is the sheer amount of natural splendor that exists throughout the area. I know that many residents of Claremont Towers take the opportunity to visit many of the local parks and scenic venues on a regular basis. Both Sourland Mountain and Duke Farms are popular destinations, and it's quite inspiring to learn how much we're connected to nature and the many ways we can help conserve the environment. Personally, I enjoy seeing the many different types of orchids found at Duke Farms. A number of our residents also love to go horseback riding, so it's a good thing that there are many local places that offer such services, such as Hidden Hills Farm, Rainbow Run Farm, and Maple Run Stables. There are also plenty of local farms, such as Doyle's Farm, that offer a look into the farming life while also having plenty of activities for both young and old. I should also point out the tremendous job that our local government does in creating and maintaining the many municipal parks that offer everything from trails to bird watching to baseball and soccer. There is a ton of different outdoor activities that families can do to ensure that children get off the computers and gaming consoles and venture out into the great outdoors to enjoy some healthy fun." (6)

As one can see, there are quite a few areas where locals of Hillsborough, such as the residents of the luxurious Claremont Towers, can go and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are plenty of local parks and farms where families can go, and Duke Farms and Sourland Mountain have long been popular destinations for those who love the great outdoors. All in all, there are plenty of choices for locals and visitors to choose from when they want to unplug and enjoy the splendor of the natural world.







6)  Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers