Fine Dining is Close at Hand for Residents of Claremont Towers

restaurantsclaremontHillsborough features plenty of culinary choices

A person looks for a lot of important features when choosing a place to live. The most important factor usually involves one's work, but other considerations such as the quality of schools and population density can also be taken into account. People often prefer that the location they choose to call home to boast a superlative quality of life, and one such component of that quality of life is the local cuisine. While eating is a necessity by nature, it is also often a source of pleasure. Most individuals prefer to live in an area that provides them with a wide arrange of culinary choices, and the residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, are blessed with an astonishing variety of fine dining establishments within close proximity.

The township of Hillsborough, New Jersey, features the quaint charm of a small town but with the culinary convenience of the big city. Hillsborough features a population of 38,303 individuals, all of whom enjoy an almost dizzying array of eating establishments of different culinary styles. (1) People who reside in the luxurious Claremont Towers can enjoy eating at a dozen restaurants within two miles, allowing for a leisurely walk or a quick bike ride. (2) This allows one to pop out for a tasty bite to eat and then return home in just a short amount of time. Of course, there are plenty of other dining establishments found within just a ten minute car ride.

While most small towns feature just a selection of fast food joints, residents of Claremont Towers can enjoy culinary flavors from around the world. Italian cuisine is understandably popular in and around Hillsborough, with many mom-and-pop restaurants guaranteed to fill one's belly with amazing home-cooked meals. Locals can dine at Cafe Piazza, Lenny's Pizza and Pasta, Roman Gourmet, Joe's Family Pizzeria & Restaurant, G Italian Gourmet, Sal's Gourmet Pizzeria & Restaurant, Alfonso's Hillsborough, and Cafe Graziella. The highest rated Italian restaurant in Hillsborough is Angelo's Family Restaurant & Pizzeria, which is ranked fourth in the area by Trip Advisor. (3) If one is looking for some pizza pie, there are plenty of places to choose from. Locals can enjoy a slice or two at establishments such as Joe's Pizza, La Pizzeria, Bella Pizza, Pizza Brothers, and Victor's Pizza.

If an individual at Claremont Towers wants some good old-fashioned American comfort food, there are a good number of options found close at hand. Eateries that specialize in typical American fare include Catered Affair and Sandwich Station, Tender Lovin' Grill, Old Man Rafferty's, Petrock's Bar & Grille, Hillsborough Star Diner, Just Subs, Pheasant's Landing, Culinary Creations, Five Guys, and the Restaurant at Royce Brook Golf Club. If one is in the mood for dining at a chain location, there is always the local IHOP or Applebee's to patronize. Italian and American fare are the predominant food choices for Hillsborough, but there are also a number of Asian restaurants in close proximity to Claremont Towers. If one wishes to partake of dishes from the Orient, they can choose to dine at Bombay Wok, Thai Garden, Matsuba Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant, Ricky's Thai, Sakura Sushi, Jumbo Palace, and Masuba Japanese Steakhouse. Other food choices found in Hillsborough include Halinka Polish Deli (Polish), La Costenita (Mexican), Little Island Restaurant (Caribbean), Divine Curry (Indian), Welcome Paisas (Mexican), and Mariana's Pizzeria & Latin Grill (Mexican and Italian).

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers notes, "As someone who likes to experiment by trying out new foods, living at Claremont Towers is tremendous as there are just so many great places to eat nearby. It seems you can't walk more than ten feet without hitting an Italian eatery, and you'll be hard pressed to keep the pounds off with all the incredible pizzerias around. There are also a lot of choices if you prefer typical American fare like steak, chicken, or subs. I know many residents love to dine at the nearby Asian restaurants, and there are also Caribbean, Indian, Latin, and Polish options as well. For such an intimate community like Hillsborough, there is an astounding number of culinary options for locals to enjoy that are located nearby." (4)

Few things can raise the quality of life for an area more than the range of fine dining options that are available. Nobody wants to be forced to live in an area that's serviced just by burger joints, which is why residents of Claremont Towers are fortunate to live in an apartment complex that has a wide array of culinary tastes within just a few miles. The hard part is figuring out where one wishes to eat their next meal.






4) Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers