Christmas Cheer Can be Found All Around Claremont Towers

holidaycheerMany holiday events are located close to the luxury apartment complex

The holiday season is in full swing, beginning as soon as the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving was over. Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicked off the start of the shopping frenzy that accompanies every Christmas season. Online sales for Cyber Monday alone in 2014 brought in an eye-watering $3 billion in total revenue. (1) In fact, the average person spent $830 on Christmas gifts in 2015. (2) Mixed in with all the last minute shopping excursions and gift wrapping are other seasonal events, such as holiday-themed plays and ceremonies. Residents of Claremont Towers, the luxurious apartment complex in Hillsborough, New Jersey, find themselves fortunate to have so many such events in close proximity.

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Residents of Claremont Towers Ready to Enjoy Nearby Halloween Activities

halloweenshotSpooky fun abounds in October for those living at Claremont Towers

It's that special time of the year where the temperature begins to fall and the leaves on the trees begin to change color. Of course, October brings more than crisp weather for people to enjoy as it's also a month to celebrate all things spooky and creepy that culminates with Halloween. The quaint township of Hillsborough, New Jersey, boasts a good number of Halloween-themed activities that belies its population of only 38,303 individuals. (1) Residents of the luxurious Claremont Towers in Hillsborough look forward to this time of year, knowing that many events and activities can be found within a short distance from the apartment complex.

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Fine Dining is Close at Hand for Residents of Claremont Towers

restaurantsclaremontHillsborough features plenty of culinary choices

A person looks for a lot of important features when choosing a place to live. The most important factor usually involves one's work, but other considerations such as the quality of schools and population density can also be taken into account. People often prefer that the location they choose to call home to boast a superlative quality of life, and one such component of that quality of life is the local cuisine. While eating is a necessity by nature, it is also often a source of pleasure. Most individuals prefer to live in an area that provides them with a wide arrange of culinary choices, and the residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, are blessed with an astonishing variety of fine dining establishments within close proximity.

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Living at Claremont Towers Offers Many Convenient Advantages

BalconyClareClaremont Towers offers luxurious amenities and easy commutes

When one is looking for an apartment to call home, there are many different criteria that come to mind when deciding on where to live. These criteria will differ from person to person, but there are quite a few that are commonly shared. One important factor for most buyers are the amenities offered, as well as the quality of the apartment complex and the surrounding area. Another important factor is the daily commute. As most people drive or take some form of public transportation to their work, having an easy and timely commute is of vital importance. Lastly, there has to be a flexible range of different floor plans for one to choose from as no one layout will fulfill the requirements of every person. These reasons are why so many people have chosen to make Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, their home as living there offers many convenient advantages.

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Live in Affordable Comfort at Claremont Towers in Beautiful Hillsborough, NJ, One of the Top 20 Places to Live in America According to Cheryl Chambers, of EMRC Realty

KitchencClareRenting at Claremont Towers provides convenience at an affordable price and is close to shopping and trains to NYC.

Claremont Towers, Hillsborough, New Jersey Under New Ownership

No matter what town or region of the country you live in, trying to find a quality place to rent can be a difficult chore to achieve. This quest becomes even more difficult when the place you're residing in has been named one of the top 100 places to live in America on a consistent basis. Hillsborough, New Jersey, has recently been ranked number 16 in the top 100 places by a famous financial magazine, published by Time. This shows an improvement in recent years as it had been ranked number 23 in 2007, which marks a full seven spot jump in only six years. Overall, there a number of compelling reasons why people choose to live in this little slice of paradise that was originally granted a town charter back in 1771.

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