Live in Affordable Comfort at Claremont Towers in Beautiful Hillsborough, NJ, One of the Top 20 Places to Live in America According to Cheryl Chambers, of EMRC Realty


Claremont Towers, Hillsborough, New Jersey Under New Ownership

No matter what town or region of the country you live in, trying to find a quality place to rent can be a difficult chore to achieve. This quest becomes even more difficult when the place you’re residing in has been named one of the top 100 places to live in America on a consistent basis. Hillsborough, New Jersey, has recently been ranked number 16 in the top 100 places by a famous financial magazine, published by Time. This shows an improvement in recent years as it had been ranked number 23 in 2007, which marks a full seven spot jump in only six years. Overall, there a number of compelling reasons why people choose to live in this little slice of paradise that was originally granted a town charter back in 1771.

One factor that compels people to look favorably upon Hillsborough, NJ, is its location. It’s only an hour from three major destinations: Philadelphia, New York City, and the Jersey Shore. Despite its proximity to major cities, Hillsborough still retains its country charm due to the fact that one-third of its land is protected from development. Yet the cost of a home in Hillsborough can be expensive, with the median price of a home being $340,000. The fact that this township has a total of 14,030 housing units coupled with a population of 38,303 people comprising 13,573 households means that housing is at a premium That’s why making the decision to rent an apartment at Claremont Towers is an extremely viable and wise move.

The benefits of renting at Claremont Towers are numerous. The main factor is that many people come to Hillsborough to train at one of the many companies located in the surrounding area (pharmaceutical companies have a very distinct presence in the region). Renting a home, if you can find one, can be quite difficult if you’re looking to only rent for three or six months, as opposed to the normal year-long lease required in most facilities. Many homeowners, and apartment complexes, are loath to offer short-term leases to the public, but Claremont Towers understands the needs of those traveling to this region for job training and works to accommodate their needs.

Claremont Towers offers a variety of one and two bedroom floor plans. There are three distinct one bedroom apartment styles (Berkshire, Kensington, and Ridgecrest) and they each boast a thousand square feet. If you’re looking for some additional room, the two bedroom floor plans (Edenrock, Fairmont, Provincial, and Wyndam) average a total of 1163 square feet. For a cost that is less than renting a home, residents at Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, NJ, enjoy a number of amenities. Some of these amenities include having fully equipped kitchens (dishwashers, stove, refrigerator), private 72 square foot covered balconies, locked entry doors and intercoms, courteous 24 hour maintenance, and not to mention that having cats and dogs is welcome. Most landlords are quite firm in not allowing pets, but not Claremont Towers.

Residents of Hillsborough have a great deal of cultural and leisure destinations close by for them to enjoy. Within 15 miles of the township, you can find 21 movie theaters, 2025 restaurants, 46 libraries, and 125 bars. If you’re into golf, there are 217 golf courses within thirty miles of the town. That’s before you factor in easy access to transportation to New York City and Philadelphia. Residents of Claremont Towers enjoy having local bus stops in front of the buildings to whisk them to a nearby terminal.

The natural beauty of Hillsborough is a tremendous draw for people coming to live there. This locale is home to the famous Duke Farm, a sprawling area that encompasses 2,700 acres. Duke Farm is the estate of Doris Duke, an heiress who created a number of world famous gardens. Her estate is open free to the public, and people can enjoy the outdoors by hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing. Besides Duke Farm, there are numerous other parks where people can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. As Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers notes, “Hillsborough, New Jersey, is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Within walking distance of Claremont Towers, residents can enjoy the walking trail or sensory garden at Ann Van Middlesworth Park, play lacrosse at Docherty Park, hike through orchards and over streams at Otto’s Farm Park, or play tennis or soccer at Woodfield Park.”

It’s stunning that Hillsborough, New Jersey, is essentially an undiscovered jewel. It has consistently ranked in the top 100 best places to live in the country and reached the top 20 in 2013. It has abundant natural beauty with it’s numerous parks and undeveloped areas, and it also boasts of a close proximity to major cities, such as Philadelphia and New York City. Those factors, along with the fact that there are many, many cultural and leisure destinations within just a few miles, you can see why people are eager to live in this tranquil community. Renting at Claremont Towers is the logical choice in that their apartments are both affordable and offer a great deal of comfortable amenities. Why wouldn’t you choose to live in the heart of this unspoiled area that mixes the beauty of the natural world with all the conveniences of the modern one?




3) Quote from Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers.