Putting Your Decorative Mark on Your Apartment (without breaking the bank)

Paint can enhance your apartment, Claremont Towers, Hillsborough, NJBalling on a Budget – Putting Your Decorative Mark on Your Apartment (without breaking the bank)

Let’s just state the obvious and say that having your own place is awesome. You get to come and go as you please and have a place to really call home.

However, it doesn’t always come cheap. In addition to rent, you need to make sure that you cover all of your monthly expenses including groceries. That being said, it’s only natural that you’d want to put your own stamp on your Claremont Towers apartment. Let’s have a look at some affordable ways that you can make your space reflect your style.

A (Color) Change is as Good as a Holiday

What better way to make your mark than by decorating your apartment’s walls in your favorite color or design? However, because you’re renting, we wouldn’t recommend whipping out that neon pink paint.

Instead, make use of temporary or removable wallpaper. This way, you can choose the colors you want and have more flexibility if you decide to change your mind after a few weeks.

Claremont Towers, Ideas for Decoration, Hillsborough, NJGet a New Accent

No, we don’t mean suddenly speaking with a Scottish brogue. We mean creating an eye-catching accent wall.

Usually, this would mean painting said wall but how about using what you already have at home? If you have small collectible items, you could mount these on one of your walls for an eye-catching display of your most-treasured trinkets. 

Display your decorating sense, Claremont Towers, Hillsborough, NJDisplay Your Goods

This is a two-for-one tip as you’ll be able to get rid of clutter while bringing an interesting aesthetic into your home.

Wine crates are a great way to store your knick-knacks. You could even mount these on the wall to hold books, magazines or little pot plants.

Glass jars are also an inexpensive way to store pantry essentials like pasta, rice, and flour. In addition, their transparency will allow you to see when you’re dangerously low on linguine.

Grow herbs on your patio, Claremont Towers, Hillsborough, NJOnce Upon a Thyme

The great thing about herbs is that most of them can be grown indoors. Why not bring the outdoors inside with your very own wall-mounted herb garden?

It acts as a great accent wall and will actually save you money as you’ll have your very own fresh basil just a snip away.

Saving Money at Claremont Towers, NJSpeaking of Saving Money…

We have a feeling that once your apartment has been transformed, you’ll want to have some friends and family over. Let’s have a look at some tips for effective grocery shopping to keep your kitchen stocked for yourself and your guests.

  • Plan your meals for that week including any school lunches and treats for special occasions.
  • Make a list of all of the items that you need for the week but more importantly, stick to it and to the budget that you’ve set.
  • The calculator is your friend. As you tick off the items on your list, add them up to ensure that you’re not going over your budget.
  • Don’t be fooled by bulk discounts. Buy five and get one free only works if you’ll actually use six of that product before its expiry date. The same goes for items that are on sale.
  • Try not to do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach. It will most likely end with a cart full of candy and items that are not on your list.

Now, we know that you’ll want to spend all of your time in your transformed apartment but living in Claremont Towers means that you get to enjoy so much more.

Have a look at some of the exciting things that you and your friends or family can get up to during the chilly season. There’s so much to do in and around Hillsborough, New Jersey so what are you waiting for? The quicker you go out and enjoy the area, the quicker you can come back to relax in your apartment.