A Charming Day 20 Minutes Away

For most, January is the month of slowing down after the bustle of the holiday season. A new year for new beginnings, fresh starts and resolutions. However, with the pandemic still staggering around many people’s lives, and with COVID numbers rising each day, this new year may feel very much like 2020, just extended. However, many families may still want to look forward by making the best of this time and seek new things to do. For those free days, it may be exciting to take a day to visit Princeton and enjoy all it has to offer!

A Visit to Princeton

Only a 20 minutes’ drive, Hillsborough residents may make the most out of a day at Princeton where families and children alike can take a walk through some of Princeton’s historical charm.

  • Visit Princeton University Nassau Hall: Once known as one of the nation’s capital for roughly four months (1). Being considered one of the nation’s largest academic halls (1), this hall still has a cannon ball’s scar from the 1777 Battle of Princeton (2).
  • Princeton University Art Museum: Formally founded in 1882, the Princeton University Art Museum displays a wide variety of phenomenal art pieces and exhibitions. After admiring much of the art’s excellence and perspective pieces, visit the Museum Store where one can take home a treasured item to recall a day spent in Princeton (2).
  • Visit Einstein Museum: the only one in the nation dedicated a store’s retail corner area to Einstein memorabilia, articles, artifacts and many photographs for one of the best-known physicists (2). It is very possible that the store may be sold by the current owners in the near future and the fate of the museum is uncertain (2) therefore, it may be of interest to visit this location before it is potentially gone. To see the full story of how a retail store devoted two of its corners to Einstein, read the short story on: http://www.landauprinceton.com/einstein-museum/
  • Palmer Square: Offering lavish boutiques and restaurants, find one-of-the-kind stores or dining options that you cannot find anywhere else. Visit shops like Dandelions, a jewelry store with incredible prices and handcrafted pieces from around the world (2). If in the mood for something sweet, after a nice walk, do not miss out on stopping at Bent Spoon. They serve some of the best ice cream flavors ever and yes, ice cream root beer, which no one can deny!

Word to Our Residents at Claremont Towers

A very happy new year to all! While much is the same regarding the current pandemic, it might be hard to take in that it is already a new year! We thank our residents for taking the safety measures to ensure a healthy community for all and understanding many of the changes and added policies that are in place today, to continue navigating through these challenging times. As difficult as it has been to shut down many annual activities, it is for the safety of our residents which take upmost priority that these changes have presided.

For residents considering getting vaccinated for COVID, Somerset County is making it possible for any resident to receive the vaccination upon pre-registering and getting in line while priority groups phase out and the vaccination becomes available to residents (3). Registration confirms eligibility (3) and would notify when vaccination appointments commence.

For parents or children looking for extra homework help, with a library card, internet connection and a computer or mobile device (4), students can get that extra boost from tutoring on various subjects. An easy, stay-at-home option for both parents and students. For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/SCLSNJ/photos/a.329532250492962/3548565891922899/

We applaud our residents for demonstrating respect to each other and managing safety protocols yet as we move forward in this together and ask our residents to continue adhering to the COVID-19 rules set in place in the community: wearing masks in hallways, elevators, laundry rooms, using sanitation stations when entering or leaving the premises, staying 6 feet apart or utilizing the stairs when others are using the elevator to name a few.


-The Team at Claremont Towers




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