“One of the things I love about October is that you can celebrate Halloween the entire month. There are many farms found throughout our neck of the woods, and many of these farms are converted into places of horror during Halloween.”

Three September Events Cause Residents of Claremont Towers to Fall in Love with Autumn

The month of September is often met with a sigh of relief from many people. The dog days of summer are finally over, and parents rejoice as the kids are once again sent off to school. September means the start of college and professional football, not to mention the heating up of the playoff race in Major League Baseball. While the holiday season is on the horizon, stretching from Halloween to New Year’s Day, a number of September events found nearby are cause for those living at Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, to fall in love with the fall season.

Residents of Claremont Towers Can Enjoy Lots of End of Summer Fun

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Plenty of fun parks and attractions can be found close at hand to the luxury apartment complex

August is probably the least popular summer month. Fun holidays like the Fourth of July have passed, and most family vacations have already been taken. For children, the coming school year is looming large in their minds. Then there’s the fact that the dog days of summer are in full swing as the heat in August feels oppressive. Luckily for residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, there are lots of fun places to visit in the state to wrest the last drop of summer fun from the season.