A Charming Day 20 Minutes Away

For most, January is the month of slowing down after the bustle of the holiday season. A new year for new beginnings, fresh starts and resolutions. However, with the pandemic still staggering around many people’s lives, and with COVID numbers rising each day, this new year may feel very much like 2020, just extended. However, many families may still want to look forward by making the best of this time and seek new things to do. For those free days, it may be exciting to take a day to visit Princeton and enjoy all it has to offer!

Holidays at The Boro in 2020

If there ever was a year that needed the holidays, it’s definitely 2020! While this year has not been an easy feat to any one at any age, there have been moments in which families have found comfort in special moments, where people have found heroes among their lives and some sort of glimmer of hope lives on.

A Claremont Towers November in 2020

As trees go dormant, wildlife prepares for winter and evergreens give their green flare, families all over the states contemplate how to celebrate this year’s end-of-year holidays. As difficult as it may be for some family members having spent almost a year without seeing one another, the pandemic is still not over, and it may take some more time and special holidays before being able to rejoin in celebration. No matter how Claremont Towers families decide to enjoy thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, the CDC offers suggestions on how to celebrate during the pandemic.

A Blue Evening on Halloween

Amid falling leaves that have begun to decorate driveways, sidewalks, and balconies, this time of year brings the enthusiasm of new endeavors. Although current circumstances with COVID-19 make this year’s autumn and winter one to remember, what events will you find yourself enjoying during this season is the question many are contemplating.