April Showers Mean It’s Time for Container Gardening for Residents of Claremont Towers

Every apartment’s balcony is a potential gateway to floral splendor

An old saying states that April showers bring May flowers. The full arrival of spring means that those with green thumbs set out to plant their gardens. Many people find joy and satisfaction in growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other assorted foliage, and one increasingly popular trend is container gardening. This is when someone uses containers, instead of the ground, to grow plants. In 2018, an estimated 24.3 million households took part in container gardening. (1) Quite a few residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, take advantage of the complex’s design to indulge in container gardening.

Residents of Claremont Towers Prep for Spring Cleaning

Some useful tips for the annual house cleaning endeavor

The end of winter and the arrival of spring marks several events. One such event is the arrival of opening day for baseball as teams dream of winning the World Series. Another hallmark of the first blush of spring is one that many people, especially children, dread – spring cleaning.

Valentine’s Day Offers Romance to Residents of Claremont Towers

Nearby venues offer a cornucopia of ways to celebrate the holiday of love

February may be a cold month as winter winds down, but it does offer the warmth of passion and love with the coming of Valentine’s Day. This romantic holiday first began in the 14th century but gained prominence with couples in the 18th century. Today, Valentine’s Day is an extremely popular holiday, with Americans spending $19.6 billion on it in 2018. Of that amount, a full $4.7 billion was spent on jewelry. (1) There are a myriad of ways that individuals can celebrate Valentine’s Day, and fortunately for those living at Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, there are plenty of nearby venues eager to help them spark the flames of romance.

Residents of Claremont Towers Looking Forward to Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of 2020 offers a fresh start to those living at the luxury apartment complex

The start of a new year is always filled with the promise of new beginnings. The holiday rush of the preceding year is finally over, which is usually filled with a lot of indulgences that include hearty feasts, calorie-filled cookies and eggnog, and overindulgence of spirits to ring in the new year. One hallmark of a new year is the making of resolutions, and those living at Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, are no exception as many of them plan on changing some aspects of their lives for the better over the course of 2020.