April Showers Mean It’s Time for Container Gardening for Residents of Claremont Towers

An old saying states that April showers bring May flowers. The full arrival of spring means that those with green thumbs set out to plant their gardens. Many people find joy and satisfaction in growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other assorted foliage, and one increasingly popular trend is container gardening. This is when someone uses containers, instead of the ground, to grow plants. In 2018, an estimated 24.3 million households took part in container gardening. (1) Quite a few residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, take advantage of the complex’s design to indulge in container gardening.

The 39,397 individuals who call Hillsborough, New Jersey, home enjoy the green splendor that is part and parcel of springtime in April. (2) The weather is perfect for gardening as the area features an average high of 61º with an average of 4.09 inches of rain. (3) A unique aspect of Claremont Towers is that every apartment features a 72-square-foot balcony, an area that is just perfect to set up a container garden. (4)

Container gardens come in multiple shapes and sizes. Those with access to an actual yard can use a concrete structure to house a garden. As those living at Claremont Towers are using a balcony, pots are the optimal choice. Pots come in a variety of materials, such as plastic and clay, and sizes. Choosing which pot is best depends upon the plants chosen for the container garden. The balcony can also accommodate a railing planter, which sits upon the balcony’s railing, as well as a vertical garden planter.

To start work on a container garden, one should pay a visit to the gardening businesses located close to Claremont Towers. Such businesses can sell one of the items needed to start a container garden, such as soil, fertilizer, mulch, seeds, containers, and plants, not to mention providing helpful advice on what grows best in the climate and within the size of the container garden itself. Some of the local gardening establishments include Bountiful Gardens, Lowe’s Garden Center, Tractor Supply Co., Ambleside Gardens & Nursery, and Central Jersey Nurseries.

A resident of Claremont Towers can use the balcony to grow flowers, or perhaps even food, in a container garden. Annuals are a great choice for a container garden as they will bloom throughout the spring and summer. Some excellent choices include scarlet sage, geraniums, coleus, marigolds, flowering tobacco, and wax begonias. Such flowers will brighten up an area and provide a sweet aroma to be enjoyed. One useful tip to remember when using one container to hold different species of flower is to make sure the requirements needed to grow them are the same. Putting in a flower that requires two to three times the water of other flowers in the same container will only lead to disaster.

A person living at Claremont Towers can enjoy some delicious homegrown food plucked straight from a container garden. Some of the vegetables that can be grown in pots include broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and eggplant. A plant support can be built using bamboo stakes or wire mesh and placed in a pot to support climbing vegetables like snap peas, pole beans, and tomatoes.

Cheryl Chambers of Claremont Towers says, “One of the best things about spring is being able to start on one’s container garden. We’re lucky at Claremont Towers as each apartment has a 72-square-foot balcony that can be utilized for container gardening. I got started a few years ago when I was at Bountiful Gardens and mentioned how much I missed gardening now that I live in an apartment. The salesperson told me I could still enjoy gardening, albeit on a smaller scale. They suggested some plants that would be happy growing in a pot on my balcony. I picked them up, along with the necessary supplies, and never looked back. I don’t grow any food as I prefer growing flowers as they brighten up the whole area. One thing I learned is that you have to water your plants a lot when you’re doing container gardening, sometimes as much as twice per day. Doing so doesn’t take too long and it allows me to enjoy the springtime weather.” (5)


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