Exploring in Sunny August

As the summer heat increases making some days feel long and evenings convivial, NJ continues to embrace the new customs and reopening of many industries. Even though hot summer days may call for staying at home with the thermostat at a comfortable setting, some days may inspire adventure. Claremont residents looking to get out and explore their surroundings may look forward to visiting any (or all!) of the following locations:

Lively Claremont Towers in July

While gardens are filled with color throughout the Garden State, Hillsborough blossoms with liveliness as residents get out of their homes and businesses begin to welcome returning or new customers. After such a crucial downtime, the town of Hillsborough is glad to reopen its doors after COVID-19 cases have significantly dropped in the area (1). Even though many things are still affected by COVID-19, such as Hillsborough’s 4th of July Fireworks (along with most NJ counties) (2), there are many things to get out and do throughout the township.

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the prevailing story of the 2020 pandemic continues, approximating its way to summer days, residents in the township of Hillsborough continue taking preventive measures to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Although hard to predict when things will resume without the limitations of COVID-19, the state of New Jersey has reopened several beaches and boardwalks on Memorial Day weekend with limited capacity and restrictions (1). Exciting news since summer brings hope, warm weather, yummy frozen treats and a day to celebrate all fathers!

April Showers Mean It’s Time for Container Gardening for Residents of Claremont Towers

Every apartment’s balcony is a potential gateway to floral splendor

An old saying states that April showers bring May flowers. The full arrival of spring means that those with green thumbs set out to plant their gardens. Many people find joy and satisfaction in growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other assorted foliage, and one increasingly popular trend is container gardening. This is when someone uses containers, instead of the ground, to grow plants. In 2018, an estimated 24.3 million households took part in container gardening. (1) Quite a few residents of Claremont Towers in Hillsborough, New Jersey, take advantage of the complex’s design to indulge in container gardening.